Hot Lap at Buttonwillow

The Lapping For Leukemia team went to Buttonwillow for a track day and practice session. Here’s a video of one of the laps.

Thanks again to Mitchell International, Moss Miata, Black Flag Decals, Rocky’s Miatomotive, and Tire Rack.

First Autocross Shakedown

Matt and Dom were able to take the Miata down to Qualcomm Stadium this weekend to participate in an Autocross event. This was a good way to get some seat time, learn the new car’s quirks, and make sure nothing was going to break.

The car performed flawlessly and was spectacularly easy to drive. We were keeping up with cars that had more than double our horsepower with drivers that had many years of car familiarity.

The only issue that we encountered was a rear differential bolt that backed itself out at the very end of our last run. So, we packed up the car and headed out. The bolt is an easy fix.


The last stop before going home was the Mitchell building. As our primary sponsor, its always nice to get some promo shots with their logo front and center. You can see more by going to our gallery page.


Lapping For Leukemia Reloaded

Lapping For Leukemia has undergone a bit of a transition. Team members have come and gone. The BMW race car that we loved/hated for the past 3 years has found a new home in Atlanta, GA. Finally, we’ve transitioned to the reliable and cheap Miata platform. So, it seemed only natural to take this opportunity to revamp the Lapping For Leukemia website as well. Stick around. There’s a lot to come in the next 6 months!